a-g on love–best to read aloud

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love and hate

a is for amor being with the one you love.  amor amorous amend america alcohol achoo. sneeziing my way into love.  achoo.  you get three god bless yous and then if you sneeze again you’re on your own.  people tend to only have three consecutive god bless yous.  if you continue sneezing after that-well. God.  with out the bless you.  quit it.

b is for boyfriend.  oh him.  he’s my boyfriend.  boy friend.  girl friend love friend. fried eggs.  green eggs and ham.  up since 4 am writing to write.  taking up space on the planet.  manc morning making zazzle custom postage online and saving it in my account.  making a stamp that says calm down with a picture of the calm lake (superior )and an oar. we took the picture when we were in Canada.  now maybe it will go on a stamp.  boy.

c crap. crap of my mind.  quit quit it.

d diligence dog dogmatic- I hate hateful people.  I’m wearing the anti cruelty society tee shirt.  can we put a positive spin on that?  how about the nice society.  when you say anti-cruelty then you think of images of cruelty as opposed to images of kindness. the kind society.  instead of let’s not be mean.  let’s be nice.  let’s be kind.  be kind.  don’t not be mean.  just go straight to kind.  no work around -straight line to love.

e euuuuu euuuuuu.  eeeeee.  eeeeee.  elephant.  eeeeuuuuu. eeeeuuuu. 

f is for forget.  the forgetting.  A show leslie watched the other night on alzheimers about how 500million people will be diagnosed with the disease in the next –when.I forget.  and i’m not tryiing to be funny.  can’t remember but we’ve got a forgettng nation on our hands of epidemic proportions.  I wonder if it’s tv’s fault or other toaster oven waves going into our brains.  leslie and i have slowly started watching tv again.  it scares me.

g great sloughing off my shoulders and humming through the night and snoring in the distance and whirring of cars going by and maybe I’m jsut one of these people who will write and write and it will be in a big pile somewhere and amount to a shredded hill of stuff.  okay.  maybe. cars pass.  gracie snores.  a bird tweets.  the cherry tree out front of our house is blooming and the grapefruit tree outback is starting up another cycle of grapefruit.  there are still some apples hanging in there. unwilling to drop off.


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